ODELL is pleased to announce that our project – Bon Secours Cancer Institute at Harbour View was recently awarded 1st place in the Healthcare over 15,000 square feet category at the Interior Design Excellence Awards, hosted by IIDA Virginia/West Virginia chapter and ASID’s Virginia chapter.

The Cancer Institute is part of a new construction medical office building in Suffolk, VA, designed by ODELL.

The design concept sought to simulate a hospitality setting to promote healing. Crisp blues, a wide range of neutral tones, and elegant textures inspired by nature create an overall feeling of sophistication and relaxation.

The center includes an outpatient infusion center as well as radiation oncology. The outpatient infusion center is equipped with 20 infusion bays and 5 private infusion rooms. Upon entering the suite the patient is greeted by illuminated nurse stations and a large sweeping curve in the ceiling that is painted a soft blue. Comfort was the main goal when designing the infusion bays, many of which are on an exterior wall of the building with exterior views. The infusion bays on the interior of the building have a clerestory window, so that all patients have access to natural light. Comfortable yet durable seating for family members is included in each bay.

The radiation oncology suite is designed to be cohesive with the outpatient infusion suite. The design of the linear accelerator room, where patients undergo radiation therapy, was particularly important. The linear accelerator machine is situated under a blue ceiling with integrated LED star lights that glow when the rest of the lights are turned off. Sliding wall panels designed to hide equipment with a large, colorful graphic are placed behind the machine to bring in color and natural elements. Research discovered by the design team as well as conducted by the client found that similar design elements were associated with more positive patient outcomes and reduced rates of patient sedation required to undergo treatment.

The Cancer Institute also includes an education room and a resource center for patients and family members.