Project Description

Warmack Office Development

The Woodlands, Texas
Research Forest Lakeside 4, a 12-story, 297,827 square foot office building, is the second of 8 new buildings to be built in the 77-acre mixed-use development located on Lake Woodlands. The building is oriented with its south facing façade toward the water’s eastern edge, offering unobstructed views of Lake Woodlands. Sunshades above each floor serve both to prevent solar gain and to bounce natural light deep into the office spaces.

A waterfront motif carries subtle echoes into the building’s lobby with the use of sail-like geometric inlays of granite and limestone flooring. A geometric architectural lobby ceiling provided an opportunity to visually guide tenants toward the elevator lobby. A common “halo” pedestrian walkway and vehicular drop off connects Building 4 and 5. Research Forest Lakeside 4 was completed by ZC+O, a strategic association between Ziegler Cooper and ODELL.