Project Description

Huntersville Oaks Skilled Nursing Facility

Huntersville, NC
Huntersville Oaks offers progressive skilled nursing care and rehabilitation for residents. To generate a sense of belonging, the facility incorporates neighborhoods in which residents live, eat, socialize, and receive various levels of care. Each neighborhood is segmented into eight households with an inviting, fully accessible country kitchen, living room, dining room, screen porch, and garden, and is staffed by a household service team. Neighborhoods are connected by a central Main Street which provides shopping, cyber cafes, a post office, a hair salon, restaurants, a chapel, multi-purpose activity rooms, and an indoor children’s play area. The state-of-the-art rehabilitation department provides caregivers specializing in physical, occupational, and speech therapy. A ‘going home’ cottage in the rehabilitation area gives residents opportunities to practice meal preparation, dishwashing, bed-making, bathing, and other life skills before returning home.
*In association with Lantz-Boggio Architects